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May 28, 2010


Cindy J Smith

Thanks for posting the article about the FRB Credit Card Act Consumer Agreement Submissions. When I checked the listing for our Credit Union, they had our Regulator listed as "NA-Not a federally regulated institution," instead of "NCUA." I've sent an email to the FRB at "Credit-Card-Agreement-Submission@frb.gov" asking for a correction to be made "before any of our Members see this inaccurate information, and it causes a reputational risk to our Credit Union." I'm going to pass your warning on to other credit unions in my CUNA chatgroup, and hope that nobody else has errors in their submissions. Thanks again, have a safe and happy weekend!

Anthony Demangone

Cindy - great advice. One can never work hard enough to protect one's reputation. Enjoy your long weekend!

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