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June 24, 2010



I second the suggestion to slow down when giving a phone number or any pertinent information on voice mail. Speaking clearly helps also!


You are even allowed to repeat the phone number. I appreciate that when I've heard it.

Anthony Demangone

Patty and Robin, thanks for the support. Someday, we may live in a world where one only has to listen to a voice mail once. Ah, per chance to dream.


You might be having a hard time getting the right phone number because you are only listening for 9 digits. There are 10 digits in a phone number with area code!

Anthony Demangone

Anonymous - you raise a good point, which was raised my many others!


re: "OCC Consumer Compliance Handbook. The OCC has updated its Consumer Compliance Handbook."

The Consumer Compliance Handbook that was recently updated is published by the FRB-- not the OCC. This distinction is especially important for 2 of the updates you reference (HMDA and Truth in Savings) because the FRB has rulemaking authority for these statues.

Anthony Demangone

KB - great point. At least the hyperlink took you to the right place, even if the author was typing faster than he was thinking!

- Anthony Demangone

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