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January 28, 2011


Kevin Funnell

As to the legal team at the CFPB, impressive educational credentials and professional experience in many areas, none of them having anything to do with anything related to "consumer financial protection."

Anthony Demangone


Thanks for the post, and making a point that I clearly whiffed on. I've been pounded this morning for missing that level of analysis. Yes - there really isn't much consumer financial protection in their background. Thanks for the post, good sir!

Ron Daly

On BCP Planning and the snow storm in DC on 1/26. It took my wife (a Northwest FCU employee in Herndon, VA) and me five hours to drive home 15 miles. NWFCU has an emergency communication system from our CUSO which they used three times over two days to inform employees via email, SMS and recorded voice message of CU status and when to report. My wife got her delayed opening email/sms/voice alert while sitting in the car at 8 pm as did the other 400+ employees of NWFCU. Members were also informed via the email addresses the CU has on file.

Communication plays a key role in BCP plans.

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