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April 25, 2011



How do I get the "chart" to appear screen size?

Anthony Demangone

It is virtually impossible! What you need to do is to change the "percentage size" of the document. I think that you have to set it to roughly 20% in order to view the chart on one screen. If you enlarge it enough to be able to read the language, much of the chart is off the page of your viewing screen. I believe the chart was simply created to communicate the complexity of the rulemaking process more than anything else.

William Taylor

Thank you for the link to the Public Citizen flowchart. My download was somewhat slow and I only saw up to step 3--imagine my shock (but not awe) at seeing the remaining steps. If you have any insight, would love to know the typical timetable and people involved in the successful passage of a new rule.

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