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May 16, 2013



Do you see the final, when posted to the Federal Register, to be all encompassing regulation? What I mean is taking all the finals (from Feb, July, Aug 2012) and now including April 2013? I am having a heck of a time going back and forth between all four finals to see what has changed. Why can't regulators write one final doing it that way instead of making three additional finals with nothing but changes back to the original?

Mike Coleman

You raise an excellent point, one of the most difficult things about researching these final rules on remittance transfers is that there is not a single document issued by the CFPB that contains all the regulatory text and commentary (or the preambles for that matter) as amended by the various final rules. Unfortunately, what will be posted in the Federal Register will only be the amendments from latest final rule issued in April 2013.


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