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January 14, 2008




The Compliance Guy

Actually, he runs back to his pad/cabana a few times in that movie. And I have visual evidence. http://www.curiousfury.com/


You win; winner must read "Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography" in a single sitting.

Southernmost Sue

He might have sprinted in the first few minutes of the movie "Born on the 4th of July" but not so much later. That was the problem.

The Compliance Guy

He definitely sprints in that movie. Remember when he's at home and the love of his life is at the prom? He sprints through the rain to have one last dance with her before shipping out. Great story. And a true story, I believe.


How about “Space Station 3D” (Tom is the narrator). Although… he may be sprinting while narrating. You never know.

Southernmost Sue

Once again, you are correct, Compliance Guy. Tom did sprint to the prom. What was I thinking?


What do your employees think when you ask for a background check? Well, I don't think they should be offended. But a way to avoid any hard feelings would be to use a PEO to handle your HR, therefore avoiding looking like the bad guy.

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