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January 02, 2008


Robbie Wright

I've been running my personal CU blog for quite a while now and haven't ran into any problems yet. I am, however, a responsible employee and would never divulge company secrets, gossip, etc. Our CU does not have a corporate policy, but all of the executive team knows I run the blog. It is odd that I work is such a regulated industry and I hate seeing additional policies added. I fully understand the need to protect the credit unions, but the more paperwork and red tape we put in place, the more innovation we are hampering.

Mike Templeton

I think its a good idea for CUs to have a policy regarding blogs being run on the CU's dollar. For example, if a CU has a "company" blog and has internal authors, it makes sense to publish a list of rules. However, if we're talking about an employee running their own blog on their own time, I don't think a CU has a say in that, even if they are a topic of discussion.

And, CUs can make all the policies they want to try to control blogs, but they'll still never gain authority over member blogs, like this post: http://ifdebug.com/articles/web-design-faux-pas/

I think the real key is for CUs to be open-minded and embracing of this culture. If they try to restrict it, they'll only drive people to find other ways to communicate.

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