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March 28, 2008


Jeff Hardin

Anthony -

Thanks for posting this - a friend asked me at dinner last night when he might expect his check to hit! I'll forward over this post to him right now!


Lisa Hochgraf

I continue to be impressed with your clear writing about compliance issues. This post is no exception! Great info!

CUES Nexus Connection recently had a related post, looking at the question of whether credit unions are "poised to help their members save or spend that money ... with their credit union?"


Out return was filed timely, but not accepted by IRS until after. Will those economic stimulus package checks go out after everyone whose return was accepted by April 15?

The Compliance Guy

Hi Lisa. IRS documents seem to indicate that the May 16 internal deadline applied to mailings that were filed and processed. If the IRS did not accept your filing (coudl be for a number of reasons), I would expect that your refund would be out later. At what point, however, is unclear.

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