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June 12, 2008


Southernmost Sue

Yup, you're married. After 26 years, we still converse that way. We loved that movie too!


Dude, it only gets worse. Then she'll start moving your stuff out of the supposedly joint walk-in closet, stuffing and cramming your suits and hanging shirts into the hall closet (she already has commandeered the guest room closet). Then you will get nice vanilla-smelling plug-ins and little bowls full of twigs and leaves that smell like perfume. You will then have to paint the bathroom "cellery" or "sage." What happened to just light green?


I thought I was reading about my married life - LOL! Ha! 'Tis only the beginning, my friend. But you gotta love it. If we were always on the same page, thinking the same way, life would just be plain boring. Having no idea of what the other is talking about or thinking keeps you on your toes but most of all, makes you laugh :-) The lack of communication is really fun when you're learning new ballroom dance steps!

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