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June 05, 2008


Southernmost Sue

Survivor NAFCU - "If I don't win this challenge I'll have to go to Tribal Council."

Anthony Demangone

Brad of IBM Southeast FCU writes in:

"Steve's impersonation of a 1960's version of Jordy (from Star Trek)"

Anthony Demangone

Tona writes in:

"Let the blind, lead the blind."

Anthony Demangone

Rusty sends in this gem:

I can't figure out if that's an "Attorney stumbling blindly through the maze of regulations," or
"NAFCU compliance expert navigates regulatory hazards blindfolded."


Take your pick...

1. Yeah, this makes sense... a blind-folded guy walking through the woods - guys need directions to get around without the blind-fold!! (sorry)
2. Great... now they expect me to find that stupid donkey and pin a tail on it no less!
3.Hum Manfred Mann's "Blinded by the NIGHT"...

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