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July 09, 2008



Hello everyone, I would also like you to inform about IT governance

IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) is about striking an appropriate balance between business reward and risk. The maturity of IT GRC practices for managing reward and risk has a direct impact on the organization. IT GRC encompasses the practices for delivering: Greater business value from IT strategy, investment and alignment, Significantly reduced business and financial risk from the use of IT, and Conformance with policies of the organization and its external legal and regulatory compliance mandates. IT GRC energizes the entire organization to imagine what it can achieve, establishes methods for achieving their objectives, and demonstrates the practices that are proven to work for minimizing business and financial risk. Fundamentally, IT GRC is about striking an appropriate balance between business reward and risk, enabling an organization to more effectively anticipate and manage business risk while more effectively delivering value for the organization. IT governance, risk, compliance, IT GRC, White paper, compliance survey report, 2008 compliance report.

You can also get more information from http://www.compliancehome.com/symantec/

Gabe Anguiano

These are great questions to ask. All compliance policies are based on regulations and risk however good old economics do come into play. At what point does a dollar transaction pose a risk? We know from experience that criminals and terrorists are aware of the financial reporting laws and often move money just under the threshold. A one dollar transaction may not warrant a compliance check or risk assessment but with our day and age with computers - clever criminals may be able to perform small transactions many times over. I believe the best solution for OFAC checking is going to be a service that continues to "look-back" at a customer account as OFAC lists are updated. It's a "fire and forget" approach that is cost effective and complies with these rules.

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