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July 11, 2008


Ginny Brady

Whitman is a poet for the ages! "Barbaric Yawps" - what a great phrase but, as you say, the yawps can now spread farther, faster.

Morriss Partee

Hi there!

Thank you for the kind words and linking to my blog post! Actually, I don't think it's freaky at all that this is on your radar screen as well. In World 2.0, people are more connected than ever, so popular memes propagate rapidly. In fact I'm giving a webinar on Social Media on EverythingCU.com next week on July 17. I'll be discussing many examples of credit unions who are using these new tools to spread the word.

Anthony Demangone

Morriss. Good to know that "great" minds thing alike! :)

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