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June 11, 2009


phoenix carpet cleaners

Credit card companies have abused people for years. Changes may be good.

Anthony Demangone

Hey Phoenix,

Thanks for the comments. Some credit card companies have abused consumers, but not all. Who are credit card companies? A whole lot of institutions, including credit unions and community banks. I've had a credit card through my credit union for more than 10 years. They haven't abused me once.

Of course, I'm biased. I work for a credit union trade association.

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I've been reading stories (horror stories) of people having their interest rate go up, way up. That creates a much, much higher minimum payment. I've read about credit card companies cutting lines of credit way back, which is fine. But the way they apparently are raising interest rates is not good, unless those news stories are not true.

St George credit card

I've been using credit card for almost 10 years but i don't remember that they abuse me, in terms of interest. I think there are some card companies who that but a lot of big card companies have good reputation, you won't hear any bad news about them.

Coles Myer

Finally a new credit card act for 2009. I hope it has something new to offer for credit cards.

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