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August 11, 2009



. . . is "oversees" Or, maybe, . . . "overseas"?

We are checking every letter these days to be certain another surprise doesn't attack!

By the way, thank you for all the wonderful guidance!


Oops. . . not "overseas" !!! Just without the "is" . . . I am losing it!

Anthony Demangone

DJ. Pleez donut pik on mie grammer. I have werked harder to bettur my riting.

- Antony



Michael Watson, MSA

HVCC needs to be scraped and start over form zero. Lets just follow the money in this deal. Eappraiseit was one of the four named in the law suit. Eappraiseit will also be the one that bennifits the most because of increased appraisals. It is also the elminating independant and small appraisal companies or the one man shop like myself. HVAC has reduced my company to almost nothing, and the 22 years I have spent building it up was a complete waste of time.

If this bill is not fast tracked very soon it will be pointless, because all of the small independant appraisers will be driving trucks. I am looking into it and that is NOT a joke!

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of the former United States of America.

What really makes me sick and afraid for my professional life is, we have to deal with the likes of Barney Frank for the next 16+ months.

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