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November 24, 2009


Doug Myers

Hey, I'm new to this blogsite and hoping our CU will sign on to NAFCU. But in the meantime, I will soon bare my soul and hope for the best. Since I haven't blogged here, I'll see how this shorter message shows up; then launch into the 'real questions/issues' in a subsequent message/post.
As the new C.O. on the block, you can read of my relative ignorance at http://www.cascadecu.org/files/temp/BBCAC64A-1D09-3519-AD3D83ED4879C695/Compliance%20Officer%20Hired.jpg
so you don't assume too much when you read/reply.
I have some (what to me are) perplexing questions (not necessarily associated with the current Financial Sector/CU crises). This will be what I'll be keen to have input from my more experienced colleagues.
Thanx in advance for your indulgence.

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