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November 06, 2009



Call it the "How to Make My Co-Workers Hate Me More Newsletter".

Southernmost Sue

"Comply or Die" or
"Uber-Geeks Anonymous" or
"This Won't Hurt a Bit" or
"This Stuff is Interesting,Really I Swear"


We are...Penn State!

Anthony Demangone

Editor's note: Even if you are exempt from submitting agreements to the Fed, you're still on the hook for posting them to your own website. This comes from the proposal:

As proposed comment 58(f)-2 would clarify, the requirement to provide access to credit card agreements under proposed § 226.58(f)(2) would apply to all open credit card
accounts under open-end (not home-secured) consumer credit plans, regardless of whether such agreements are required to be submitted to the Board pursuant to proposed § 226.58(d). For example, an issuer that is not required to submit agreements to the Board because it qualifies for the de minimis exception under § 226.58(e) would still be required to provide cardholders with access to their specific agreements under § 226.58(f)(2). Similarly, an agreement that is no longer offered to the public would not be required to be submitted to the Board under § 226.58(d), but would still need to be provided to the cardholder to whom it applies under § 226.58(f)(2).


According to the proposal, card issuers are to register with the Board by 2/1/2010 in order to post their card agreements online. Have there been any updates regarding the registration process? I have not been able to find anything.

Anthony Demangone

Nothing on this yet. I would think that the final will come out shortly, but I've been saying that for weeks.

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