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April 01, 2010



Top headline on the CDT sports page up here in Happy Valley today...Joe had eye surgery this winter and no longer needs his glasses. Guess the next time someone steals them off his statue, PSU won't replace them??

Anthony Demangone

Ah, the Seedy Tea, I remember it well. I wonder how many stories that newspaper has written about Senor Joe? He had a funny comment during a recent press briefing. He noted that his eyes were great, as he looked out at a bunch of reports. "Unfortunately, I can see you all clearly," he said. I love that guy. He was coaching when my parents were married. When my brother John was there in the early 80's, and when I was there in the mid-90's. My nephew Nick may go there in a few years, and I bet Coach is still walking the sidelines. Amazing man.


FYI - Part 717 reference above links us to Part 760.

Anthony Demangone

Dianna - fixed! Sorry about that...

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