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June 02, 2010


SC Buckeye

June did get here faster. The February earthquake in Chile shifted the Earth's axis and made the daily rotation about 1.26 microseconds shorter. So June arrived roughly 115 microseconds sooner than it used to.

Anthony Demangone

Hey guys, a reader made a good point. In my description of the Reg E/DD clarification, I forgot to stress that the Reg E rule ONLY applies to ATM and one-time debit card transactions.

Anthony Demangone

SC Buckeye: winner, winner, chicken dinner. I doubt that anyone can top that. Although, because I assume you are an Ohio State fan from your "handle," there will be no prize for you.

Jason Clarke

Zee year juzt zlipped away. Az we become older the interchanging of the zeazonz zeemz to zpeed up. What waz once regulated by zcienze and common zenze now ruzhez forward without rhyme, reazon, or even our opt-in.

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