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July 26, 2010


Robert Joyner

Keith Leggett - Vice President & Senior Economist of the ABA, would hardly be an impartial voice. Look up just about any proposed NCUA or Federal Reserve regulation and there will be a comment letter from Mr. Leggett praising the work of the ABA and objecting to any proposal from the NCUA. Perhaps Mr. Leggett's time and resources could be better put to use addressing the flood of failures in the banking industry, the banking industry's failure to lend when that need is most critical and treating customers as piggy banks when the industry needs to boost it's bottom line.

Anthony Demangone

That may be. But it is worthwhile to note that Mr. Leggett's blog is widely read in the financial services community. I wanted to simply highlight the fact that such advertisements can trigger unintended consequences.

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