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April 08, 2011



I completely agree...no one can top this compliance blog and the info we receive but when you post pix of Das Twins, it just makes my day! They are so adorable :-) But be careful...before you know it, Kate will be not be pleased with you publishing her weight! Thank you for sharing your pictures... they bring joy to so many.


And, regarding your comments on regs...I couldn't agree with you more re: how complex they have become. We've been struggling with the MDIA issue for some time and just don't understand where a member benefits from having to wait an extended period of time to close their loan because their APR was lowered. It just doesn't make sense. But dislosing based on risk, products and services? Not so sure based on what I see advertised by local competitors that are subject to the same regs we are. I'm sorry to say that I think some bad apples who aren't so honest could create an unlevel playing field when it comes to competition and advertising. I'm all for LESS regulation - the pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction - but I think we a need something just a little more than basic regulation...for those bad apples. I'd be very interested to hear other's opinions on your idea, though!

Anthony Demangone

Joyce- great point on disclosing Kate's weight. You women are complicated! :) Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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