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April 07, 2011


Jason Clarke

In Vegas, I once placed a $20 wager that the Nationals would win the World Series.

Was there a time frame on this bet?

Anthony Demangone

It was their first year of existence, so that bet has long since been torn up in agony. What was the biggest source of pain was the fact that the Natties were 19 games OVER .500 at the all-star game. Much like my local real estate market, that bubble soon burst.


How is it that I've gone my whole life never hearing of that village in Wales??

Anthony Demangone

From that website, you can actually listen to a recording of how to pronounce it. I once read a wonderful book by Bill Bryson "Notes from a small island." He said something akin to this: It is strange looking at a person who looks and acts English in every way. But speaks Martian.


Thank Goodness for the days of internet information! Can you imagine the entry in Card Catalog??
. . . Will look for a picture of the "rapid whirlpool of the red cave" next!!

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