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November 03, 2011


Ron Daly, President/CEO

Great post Anthony! I’ve recently ran across conversations of how Compliance Officers are also looking for ways to make Compliance a profit center. i.e. finding ways for their organization to save money based on recommendations derived from the Compliance Team. For example, are there paper disclosures that are printed over and over again due to regulatory changes that can be switched to electronic delivery? Are there ways for the CU to GO Green and still comply with eSign? How about disclosures and daily notices that are printed and mailed that are more a “courtesy” than a required mailing?

Granted not everything from Compliance will save money but just find one big way to save $$$, make the recommendation with estimate of how much the organization will save and watch management’s attitude change as compliance helps improve the bottom line in these tough times.

Anthony Demangone (The old guy)

Great point, good sir. The more that anyone, including compliance, can think in those terms, the better off an organization would be.

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