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February 10, 2012



Funny, Steve! Yeah, no matter whose pocket an expense comes out of tho, it somehow ends up being a joint expense...we gave up on that 'your' expense, 'my' expense thing after a while. I can't help but ask, how the heck can you possibly speed in the DC area? There's way too much traffic and congestion :-)

Steve Van Beek

It was a weekend morning around 8 a.m. during the holidays. You'd be surprised how few cars are around as compared to normal.

Actually, I wish there were more cars that morning as the speeding tickets can be invalidated if there is another car in the photo. :)


Hmmm...too bad you couldn't get one of those blow up cars to ride along side you to invalidate a ticket, similar to the blow ups people try to put in their cars in order to use the HOV lanes - ha! enjoy your weekend...


"Unfortunately, it was my time....again. The timestamp on the photo clearly pinned me as the driver. My wife's response was immediate: "And you're paying the ticket too!" So much for joint expenses.... "

LOL...too funny. I've been there and know how frustrating it can be to 'know' who the better driver is, but the driving records don't back up that knowledge.

haha, glad you handled it with a good attitude.

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