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April 17, 2012



The GPO publishes the Code of Federal Regulations both in annual versions and up-to-date electronic version (ECFR). The annual version currently provides access to the regulations in the CFR for the last 15 years back to 1996 in pdf, text and xml formats so the archived versions of prior regulations are readily available. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collectionCfr.action?collectionCode=CFR

Steve Van Beek


Thanks for this - we'll blog on this tomorrow and make sure everyone has the 2011 version of the NCUA rules that moved to the CFPB. Cheers, Steve


Why is CFPB section missing in FDsys? Please reference: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collectionCfr.action?collectionCode=CFR&searchPath=Title+12%2FChapter+II&oldPath=Title+12%2FChapter+II%2FSubchapter+A&isCollapsed=false&selectedYearFrom=2011&ycord=734
I still go to ECFR to find Chapter X, CFPB -
What am I missing?

Steve Van Beek

My guess is the FDsys didn't include the CFPB in their 2011 update because the CFPB's republished rules had just been released and became effective December 30, 2011.

You are correct that the most up-to-date CFPB regulations are found in the e-CFR. This will be even more important after NCUA and the Federal Reserve rescind their rules.


Can you please explain something to me, doesn't "rescind" mean to revoke, take back, repeal, annul, reverse, etc.? Is this what the FTC is doing? We are having a debate in our shop. Thank you.

Steve Van Beek

Yes - the FTC is removing their regulations because they lost authority over these regulations on July 21, 2011. Because they do not have authority over the Regs (the CFPB does), they need to rescind their regulations.

The requirements are still around and are enforceable, but they are under the CFPB's rulemaking authority.


Steve, I understand that, but what I am asking is that if the FTC is "rescinding" their rules, doesn't that mean that they are 'taking them back' FROM the CFPB? The use of the word "rescind" doesn't make sense here.
I need to explain this to management, they just don't get it.

Steve Van Beek


No, the FTC's action to remove their regulations doesn't impact the CFPB's rules. The FTC is rescinding (or removing) their regulations from the public record. The FTC no longer has authority over these regulations so they must "rescind" their regulations to prevent having two sets of regulations (one FTC and one CFPB).

In other words, the FTC originally promulgated these regulations and now they are rescinding them. Their rescission (or take back) is from the public record and not from the CFPB.


Rather than have ?3500 credit unions save a copy - - Any chance NAFCU could make a copy of "soon to be rescinded regulations" and allow NAFCU members access through the library (or some other means. . . ) if we find it necessary to reference in the future? :)



NAFCU has provided links to PDFs of the NCUA rules already (see April 18 blog post) and intends to do the Fed's rules in a future blog post as well.

The Government Printing Office (GPO) retains a copy of each year's CFR in PDF or XML format, so there is no need to print all of the soon to be rescinded regulations. This was information that was shared with us after the posting of this blog.


Exactly as I had expected. Thank you!

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