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August 07, 2012



I could say so much about this post but will simply say, "Thank you!" to Anthony, Steve, the entire compliance team and NAFCU for having CU's backs! We COs simply could not do everything we do without NAFCU - and NAFCU's compliance crew :-)


I'll second what Joyce said. When I read Anthony's comments yesterday in the "Meet Greg" sob story I was cheering. It really bugs me that the CPFB seems to be acting as yet another enabler for irresponsible behavior. I bet they all got trophies for "participation" in sports too. Grrrr...


Thank you, Anthony! Let's see how many "likes" we can get on Anthony's comment about Sally!


I read this comment yesterday, as well, and felt like there should be an audible "CHEERS" in the room!Thank you, Anthony, for your wise words - so well written, as always.
I realize the CFPB stands for "CONSUMER PROTECTION" but do they realize that the financial institutions are NOT all deceptive? Some financial institutions could be used as examples for the positive way the consumers (Members!) are viewed and treated. This negative attack we are constantly fighting is not making the situation any better.

Steve Van Beek

Thank you all - it is dedicated compliance folks like you all who are doing everything possible to provide your members with the products and services that they demand. Hopefully the regulators will learn that they need to reach out to compliance officers and provide plain English explanations of their rules if they truly want reduced compliance burden and, ultimately, greater consumer protections. Thank you!

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