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December 18, 2012



Has the IRS ever clarified if "China" (presumably not the flatware) is suppose to be the "People's Republic of China" or the "Reupblic of China" aka Taiwan? There is a difference, afterall, and those countries REALLY care about that!

Anthony Demangone (The old guy)

Love those twins! Two more compliance officers on their way...


You NAFCU folks sure know how to kick out some adorable sets of twins! What the heck is in your water - lol? Uh, Steve...you're next :-)

JiJi Bahhur

Hi Peter, the IRS's tax treaty page gives a listing of all countries the United States has a tax treaty with. If you click on "China," it will take you to a page with the actual tax treaty document with China. Those papers state that the treaty is with the "People's Republic of China." You can find the treaty documents here: http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/International-Businesses/United-States-Income-Tax-Treaties---A-to-Z.

JiJi Bahhur

Thanks to all for your kind compliments on my twins!


Thanks Jiji for doing all the "extra" research the IRS requires compliance officers to do to implement their "simple" regulation!

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