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March 12, 2013


Rob Rutkowski

Now all we need is for a credit union to be written up because the examiner refuses to acknowlege Congress' changes.

Anthony Demangone (The old guy)

Steve - nice job. Here's my reaction when someone says they are too busy to handle those types of details: Then you are too busy NOT to handle those types of details.

By not fixing those little things, I fear regulators create a good deal of confusion. And that's a big problem. Not a little one.


Is it safe to say that regulatory burden is officially "excessive" . . . now that the regulators themselves are too burdened to keep up with the changes? : /


Great post, Steve! And while Rob and Anthony make good points, I think DJ hit the nail on the head. Maybe its time for all to back off a bit and realize the impact on everyone - including themselves.

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