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August 28, 2015


Steve Van Beek

Congrats to both JiJi and Brandy!

As Anthony passed the baton to me and I passed it to JiJi - it is now being passed on to Brandy!

I echo Carrie's comments, JiJi has been a great asset to NAFCU members and was an absolute to work with!

JiJi Bahhur

Thank you, Steve! And thank you to all of the readers for following me - and the growth of my children - over the last several years. I have truly enjoyed having this opportunity to assist you and your credit unions with compliance issues over the last nearly 4 years! This has been an amazing experience!


JiJi - BEST of luck! You will be missed! Will we see you at NAFCU's Regulatory Conference each year? It would be great if you could continue, in some capacity, to offer your insights and interpretations. Thank you for all you have done for us while at NAFCU! Take Care!

JiJi Bahhur

Thank you, DJ! I don't think it'll be the last you'll see of me!

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